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FREE Whole30 Group

If you're like me, overhauling your diet can seem daunting. It actually causes me stress thinking about what I can or can't eat; when I completed the Whole30 last year it provided me the necessary guidelines to be successful with this journey. Gluten and dairy have been linked to pain, inflammation, and skin disorders; sugar has been linked to countless disorders and ailments. The Whole30 is a program that consists of 30 days sugar, grain, dairy, alcohol, and legume free. It is a challenge but once you start to feel better it will be worth it.

Eating whole foods can be pricey and is time-consuming - it takes time to plan ahead, visit the grocery store, and cook enough meals to last you several days. While it does take more time than heating up a frozen meal or ordering take-out on your way home, it's a cost that is worth it. Through the 30-day commitment you will be bettering your health - you will think clearer, sleep better, and you may even lose some weight along the way.

We want to stress that we provide this group to our current Studio7 community for free - we will not charge any of our clients for joining this group. The Whole30 is a free service that Dallas Hartwig & Melissa Hartwig offer via their website and books; while they do offer daily e-newsletters for a small fee they also provide all the necessary tools, their informational community forum, and Facebook pages (Whole30, Whole30 recipes) without a charge.

If you are interested in joining email us at We will be sending out weekly emails filled with support, recipes, and will be available to answer any questions you may have. Whether you need to completely overhaul your nutrition or just tweak it, we are here to support and guide you.

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