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Why we DON'T offer Unlimited Memberships Anymore

Prior to Covid, we had never offered an unlimited package for our Reformer classes, but we added it when we changed our class offerings in April of 2021. At the time there were a lot of unknowns, but we now have realize that due to many factors, including paying all the instructors a living wage (who are also Studio7 Employees vs many studios where they are Independent Contractors), this pricing option is not sustainable long term. We spent months working on a pricing strategy that reflects the quality + training provided by the team at Studio7, as well as maintains an accessible price, while also maintaining every day business operations. Altogether, our team has a combined 40+ years of teaching experience, one Doctorate degree, two Master's of Science Degrees, two Kansas Board of Healing Arts Licenses, relationships with various medical and wellness providers in the KC Metro area, and a long list of client success stories we've celebrated over the last 9 1/2 years.

We offer 4 Membership options as well 4 Package options to allow you to find a package that fits your lifestyle. To access our pricing, click here.

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