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Mermaid on the Reformer

All of our classes are Pilates based and incorporate the Pilates reformer, combining classical and contemporary Pilates with fitness to deliver classes that are well-rounded, fun, and challenging. Our weekly schedule includes a variety of equipment-based class formats, making our studio a one-stop spot for your movement needs. While each class has a specific focus, they all incorporate the basic principles of Pilates and focus on breathing, alignment, improving flexibility of the joints and muscles, and strengthening the body through spinal flexibility and stability.

The beauty of Pilates is that it is limitless when it comes to training several different muscle groups at once and can be catered to each client regardless of age, skill level, and fitness level. How you feel during and after a class will be different for everyone, but we are passionate about technique and embracing your natural movement - by limiting classes to seven clients, we can incorporate modifications or variations to empower each client.




REFORM is our signature class incorporating the Pilates Reformer, Tower, and Wunda Chair. You will move your body through all planes of movement as you focus on flow, stamina, form, and balance. This is a contemporary Pilates small group class mixed with fitness, taught at an intermediate level with modifications, regressions, and progressions provided for all. Our knowledgeable, fully trained and supportive instructors focus on your form and alignment throughout the entire session.


All levels / all classes are 55 minutes / gripper socks required



REFORM PLUS is for the Pilates enthusiast who embraces new challenges in each class and looks forward to mixing things up.

Expect to use a minimum of two pieces of equipment [Reformer, Tower, or Chair] and any combination of: Mat flows, props [bosu, foam roller, weights, balls, bands],or Jumpboard, and finishes with our signature stretch series.


All  classes are 55 minutes / gripper socks required


REFORM JUMP ramps up your Pilates practice by incorporating the jumpboard and light weights for total body cardio! You'll spend the first half of the hour improving your endurance + coordination with the jumpboard; the last half of the hour is slow, controlled movements using the Reformer and ends with our signature stretch series. *Jumpboard experience recommended, not recommended for pregnant clients

All classes are 55 minutes / gripper socks required.



REFORM FOUNDATIONS will lay the groundwork to help you succeed in our Mixed Level classes. A lighter, slightly slower and more intentional version of our reformer classes, FOUNDATIONS is a class that's great for new clients, clients who are rehabbing, starting a new fitness program, or who just want to learn how to move a little slower and more deliberately. Form and function play a key role in this class. Don't be fooled by the name - working on the basic principles of Pilates is always challenging. 

All  classes are 55 minutes / gripper socks required

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