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Pilates Sports Center

Studio 7 Pilates + Barre

7500 State Line Rd, PV, KS 66208

Tel: 913.259.7005

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Studio7 Policies

1. CLASS REGISTRATION: We require pre-registration for all classes. This allows your instructor time to prepare for class and ensure we are delivering you the best workout possible. We limit class sizes for your benefit--you deserve our full attention to perfect form and technique to prevent injuries. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO TURN ANYONE AWAY FOR NOT PRE-REGISTERING IN THE EVENT OF A FULL CLASS.


2. LATE ARRIVALS: Be a few minutes early to class to set up your equipment. This will allow for classes to start and end on time, for you to get proper warm-up prior to exercising (to prevent injury), and prevents any interruptions to classes once they have begun. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO TURN YOU AWAY IF YOU ARE MORE THAN 5 MINUTES LATE.


3. LATE CANCELLATIONS: Please remove yourself from the class roster if you are suddenly unable to make it to class. You may call (913-259-7005) or email ( to cancel if you do not have access to your online account. You have 90 minutes for a group class cancellation and 12 hours for Pilates Equipment class cancellation; when class begins anyone on the roster who is not in attendance will be charged accordingly. Your late-cancel could be someone else's workout.


4. PREGNANT CLIENTS: For your safety, please bring a signed note from your Physician stating you are able to work out prior to your first class.


5. SOCKS: Gripper socks are required for all BARRE and BARRE CIRCUIT classes for safety and hygiene.


6. NO GUM: Please dispose of any gum prior to class.

7. PACKAGE EXPIRATION: Please make sure you are aware of your class package expiration. We are able to tell you or help you find it in your MindBody account. *Note: only 1 client per Unlimited package*

8. WATER BOTTLES: We have a complimentary filtered water station; water bottles are required for every class. If you forget yours, you can purchase one of ours for $5. 

9. REFUND: We are unable to give any refunds for services or products; we are unable to alter expiration dates to existing packages.

10. COURTESY: Please remember at the end of every class to wipe down your mats/weights, put all equipment away, and be quiet when entering or exiting the studio if another class is in session.

11. SHOES: Please do not wear you shoes down the hallway, into the Equipment room, or onto our fitness floor. This prevents outside debris from being tracked through the studio while you are walking around barefoot or in gripper socks. For all classes requiring sneakers, please check the soles for mud, dirt, pebbles, etc before wearing them on the wood floor. 

12. PARKING: Out of courtesy to our new neighbors please avoid parking directly in front of their doors during their operating hours. Additionally, please avoid parking directly in front of our trash dumpster during all morning and daytime classes. [Our dumpster will not get emptied if a car is blocking it]

13. INCLEMENT WEATHER: We absolutely hate to close and for you to miss your workout! In the event of inclement weather, our policy is as follows: if the city of Prairie Village is requesting for roads to remain clear, we will be closed; otherwise, we will do our best to stay open. In the event of a class cancellation you will be notified via email.

14. PRIVACY: You are entitled to your privacy; we promise to NEVER share your information with third party vendors, and will never sell your information. 

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