When it comes to Pilates, and fitness in general, there aren't many places in the area that are dedicated to movement, or have trainers who specialize in Pilates for neurological conditions. We are proud to have three Pilates Instructors who are Specialists in Pilates for Neurological Conditions. We provide meaningful, life-changing training to help clients remain mobile for as long as possible.


People with neurological conditions are under served when it comes to fitness...


That's why we are proud to have three Specialists in Pilates for Neurological Conditions at Studio7.

Jocelyn, Shelby, and Makeilee begun the Advanced Pilates for Neurological Conditions course through The Neuro Studio - this 3 month course runs October - December, and provides unlimited mentorship opportunities to sharpen our skills. In our sessions with clients with neurological conditions,  we incorporate the methods and exercises taught by The Neuro Studio, and are designed to help anyone who struggles with balance + gait, overall physical weakness, single-sided weakness, spasticity, rigidity, foot drop, and bladder + bowel concerns.

To provide accessibility for all clients, our studio is equipped with the following:​

- Wheelchair accessibility

- Rolling walker accessibility

- Hand rails in our bathrooms

- Dimmable lights

- Two pieces of equipment, the Cadillac and Reformer, that are both 24" tall

- Pillows and a wedge for comfort when supine

- A hand-held massage gun that helps decrease spasticity

- Therabands

Additionally, The Neuro Studio Advanced course provides education for instructors to be able to hold sessions not only in person, but also virtually. By combining technology and household objects, clients are empowered to increase their mobility and strength without leaving their home. We are now accepting new in-person clients, and will begin scheduling virtual neurological sessions in January of 2022 - to be on our contact list when our schedule opens, for more information, and to schedule a session, please email info@studio7pilates.com.