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There are many reputable Pilates training programs out there, how do you know which program is the best fit for you? Here is what recent graduates of the Pilates Sports Center Pilates Teacher Training program through Studio7 are saying: 

Tendon Stretch on the Reformer
"Going through PSC Pilates training with Jocelyn at Studio7 was a fantastic experience! Jocelyn was so easy to work with regarding class schedules that worked for us, teaching and practice opportunities, and our final test out. She was always available to answer questions and offer guidance. PSC is very thorough in regard to anatomy and safe body movements, and their learning materials were organized and easy to understand. I’d highly recommend the PSC Certification and Studio7." - BG
"The PSC training is comprehensive and well designed. Through her expertise, Jocelyn makes the materials and information come alive! She is knowledgeable, relatable, supportive, and fun! I would definitely recommend PSC training with Jocelyn." - JS
"I fell in love with Pilates a couple years back and found it was the greatest overall workout for my body & I loved it! I researched getting my certification to teach and looked at several programs in the Kansas City area. The PSC program incorporates classical Pilates along with modifications for injuries and different levels of fitness. The PSC program provides a program that teaches people how to incorporate exercises to improve the functionality of their everyday lives. Jocelyn’s background in physical therapy coupled with her decade of teaching experience made it an easy choice for me to know what program was the best fit." - HH
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