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Working out after baby

Did you recently have a baby? Congratulations! Eager to get back into working out? Wonderful! Before you grab your sneakers and head out for a run - STOP! I want to let every woman know there ARE do's and don't of returning to fitness after having a child.

Despite what many will say, it is NOT safe to return to planks, jumps, or even crunches until at least 3 months postpartum. Let me repeat - it is NOT safe. If you are starting these exercises prior to 12 weeks it's most likely (as in 99%) not safe and I would recommend you not do those movements.

Why wait? For starters, during pregnancy your abdominal muscles are stretched beyond their normal position and in many cases the abdominal muscle fibers actually split apart, resulting in a condition known as Diastasis Recti. For more information on DR, including how to see if you have DR, check out this post on She is great at explaining what DR is and how to find out if you have it, and provides some excellent literature for further knowledge. Along with DR there could be contraindications effecting your bladder, spinal alignment, and posture.

We have another 8-week session of our Postpartum Mat Pilates series beginning on Tuesday September 13th. Each class will focus on finding your transverse abdominal muscle to aid in recovery and include breathing, workout do's and don'ts, and total body exercises to correct your posture. Each class is $15 and starts at 10:45a, and if you don't have childcare you can bring your infant with you. New moms can join us at any time during this series; please clear it with your doctor if you have health concerns or are not 6 weeks postpartum.

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