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Bounce7: Where Cardio + Fun meet

As embarrassing as it to admit, I do not get enough cardio. Once upon a time I was the cardio queen, but I replaced my 60-90 minutes on the elliptical/treadmill/running with Pilates and Barre and have never felt better physically. However, my cardiovascular health has undoubtedly suffered.

While our Barre7 classes have a cardio component it's not enough to be counted as a "cardio" workout. I've spent several months thinking of ways to add more cardio into several of our classes, and nothing seemed to work without changing the class formats too much. A close friend (who lives on the East Coast) was telling me about a new class she started taking and how much she enjoys it - high intensity, low impact, and fun. The class she loves involves the rebounder, so I started to look into them. After a few weeks of deliberation and trials with the rest of the instructors, I decided to go for it - introducing Bounce7, our newest class creation.

These aren't your mini-trampolines from the 80's and 90's - the JumpSport Fitness Rebounders use bungee cords (instead of springs) that offer over 40% reduction on impact as compared to a trampoline. The arched legs on the rebounder provide stability and resist tipping (perfect for planks, squats, and tricep dips).

SOME BENEFITS OF REBOUNDING: - Cardiovascular Health - It strengthens your heart and offers better cardiovascular health in 20 minutes of rebounding as compared to one hour of running! Because the rebounder offers shock absorption through a surface that 'gives' every time you jump, it's low-impact on your joints. It also improves bone density - weight bearing exercises are a necessity as we age to keep our bones strong and healthy. - Burns Calories - Rebounding can burn 400+ calories per hour and increases your resting metabolic rate so you continue to burn calories after your workout. - Immune System - It increases your lymphatic flow (your body's waste system) by generating movement throughout your bloodstream. This allows your lymphatic system to get rid of toxins to improve digestion, elimination, and your immune system. - Balance - Rebounding also improves your proprioception (knowledge of where your body is in space), your balance (necessary to prevent falls), and your coordination. - Mental Health - IT'S FUN. Think about jumping on a trampoline as a kid - it always left you with a smile on your face!

Did you know that we're the ONLY studio in Kansas City that offers rebounding classes? They're popular along the East + West coast and we are excited to bring them to KC.

Bounce7 consists of 30-40 minutes of nonstop cardio moves/choreographed sequences set to the beat of the music on the rebounder with a few drills incorporating fast "sprints". We'll target the upper body, lower body, and core with light weights and therabands. Each class concludes with a cool down to stretch the body head to toe.

Not only does Bounce7 burn some MAJOR calories, it's FUN.

We are offering FREE pop-up classes to allow you the chance to check a class out without committing financially - take advantage of these while spots are available. To schedule, click HERE.

FREE Pop-UP Class Schedule:

Wednesday 11/29, 12/6, 12/13 @ 545p

Thursday 11/30 @ 930a

Tuesday 12/5 @ 12pm

Wednesday 12/13 @6am

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