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Physical therapy at Studio7 customizes an approach to fit your specific needs to get you back in action and living fully.

While your injury or condition may be the same as someone else, your body's needs and goals are all unique - your treatment approach should be, too. Treatments provide functional and healthy changes in your body to help you achieve and maintain a pain-free and active lifestyle.


Physical Therapy at Studio7 is a cash-based practice. By not accepting insurance and solely accepting private pay from the patient, this allows our DPT to provide a high quality, personalized experience including, but not limited to, the following:

- Your entire treatment session will include only two people - you and your physical therapist.

- You will receive more personalized attention. When you are working with your therapist, they won't be running back and forth between patients - the focus is 100% on you.

- Builds a strong patient-provider relationship. 
Trusting your therapist has a huge impact on your healing, and having the opportunity to get to know each other one-on-one allows for a deeper sense of trust to develop.

- It may actually save you money in the long run - quality over quantity. Individual time with your therapist may mean less frequent visits and an overall shorter duration period for the plan of care than traditional physical therapy clinics. (This varies based on each individual patient's needs.)


- More freedom to address multiple issues at the same time. Insurance companies strongly dictate your insurance-based session. Did you know that under insurance PT's can only bill for treating one body part at a time? That means that you would need 2 separate evals and visits each week to be able to bill your insurance for your knee and your shoulder problem. In the case of cash based PT, this is not an issue. We can treat whatever issues you are having without you needing to worry about it being denied by your insurance. Again, the outcome is you getting better faster because you are actually getting the care your PT knows you need.

- More freedom to explore the root cause of the problem. With longer one-on-one appointments and not worrying about insurance approvals, your PT can perform a thorough assessment of strengths, weaknesses, imbalances and how you move to paint the full picture of what you are experiencing.

- Many insurance companies reimburse for out-of-network PT. Depending on your out-of-network benefits, your insurance company may actually reimburse you for your visits! Just make sure you get a superbill from your PT that you can submit to your insurance company. At Studio7, you will be provided a superbill on request.


- Empowering you to help heal yourself. A good physical therapist will not "heal you", they will teach you to help heal yourself. Physical therapists want you to take your health and wellness into your own hands. You have the power to help heal yourself, we just give you the guidance you need to get there. By choosing cash based PT, you have already taken a huge step towards empowering yourself, because you have made the commitment to invest in your health. The truth is, patients who pay out of pocket are far more committed to their treatment plan because they have paid their hard earned money for it.


- Your health is worth any amount and is the BEST investment you could ever make. It's really this simple - you get one body and once chance, so take care of it.

- IMPORTANT - Due to the limitations on physical therapists and most cash-based outpatient clinics imposed by Medicare. we are unfortunately unable to see any Medicare patients as physical therapy patients at this time. 


Initial Evaluation.............90 minutes.......$150
Follow-Up Treatment....60 minutes.......$115

Each initial evaluation and follow-up treatment will be provided by Megan McCoy, DPT. 


Physical therapy patients will be seen Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:30a - 4:30p. Please fill out our PT Schedule Request form for your initial evaluation and schedule your follow-up treatments in person with the physical therapist.

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