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All of our classes are Pilates based and incorporate the Pilates reformer, combining classical and contemporary Pilates with fitness to deliver classes that are well-rounded, fun, and challenging. Our weekly schedule includes a variety of equipment-based class formats, making our studio a one-stop spot for your movement needs. While each class has a specific focus, they all incorporate the basic principles of Pilates and focus on breathing, alignment, improving flexibility of the joints and muscles, and strengthening the body through spinal flexibility and stability.
The beauty of Pilates is that it is limitless when it comes to training several different muscle groups at once and can be catered to each client regardless of age, skill level, and fitness level. How you feel during and after a class will be different for everyone, but we are passionate about technique and embracing your natural movement - by limiting classes to six clients, we can incorporate modifications or variations to empower each client.


move free + feel good



REFORM is our signature class incorporating the Pilates Reformer, Tower, and Wunda Chair. You will move your body through all planes of movement as you focus on flow, stamina, form, and balance.
All  classes are 55 minutes / gripper socks required 


PULSE is our beat-based class, combining our favorite barre exercises and our favorite Reformer exercises, all performed to the beat of music. The first section of class uses light weights and the barre to plié and pulse through dance inspired choreography. The second half of class is spent on the Reformer, focusing on the core through total body movements, and finishes with our signature stretch series.

All classes are 55 minutes / gripper socks required 



CIRCUIT delivers a full body workout that takes you through timed intervals using the Reformer, Tower, BOSU, and Wunda Chair, and finishes on the Reformer with our signature stretch series. Each participant will have their own private station.

All classes are 55 minutes / gripper socks required



POWER amps up your Pilates practice by incorporating the jumpboard and light weights. Expect a minimum of 25 minutes utilizing the jumpboard while incorporating Reformer exercises and ending with our signature stretch series.
All classes are 55 minutes / gripper socks required



Option 1:
4 classes per month

Option 2:
8 classes per month

Option 3:
12 classes per month

Memberships require a six month commitment
Standing Reservations in your classes is a perk
To purchase, and see terms + conditions, click here


Single Class

5 classes

Month Unlimited

6 month expiration

valid 30 days from first class \ $15 fee for no show/late cancel \ no commitment/contract required


All our classes are MIXED LEVEL. We do not level our classes - we want you to listen to your body and move how you want to move. We believe it is best for us to offer different options for exercises and give you the choice. We strongly recommend our 'Get Started Intro Pack' if you've never been on a Reformer. If you are concerned a class format may not be a good fit for you, please speak to one of our instructors and we will happily direct you to a format that may better suit your needs.

Classes require advance registration and are limited to 6 participants.
Gripper socks are required for all classes.
Please bring your own mat to all CIRCUIT classes.
As of 8/2/21, MASKS are required for all classes + sessions.