We are excited to offer Livestream options for our Group Classes to help keep you healthy. Buy a class package or pay $10 per class - we appreciate your support and can't wait to see you from the other side of the screen!

We are so excited to offer virtual classes through ZOOM! The best part? No equipment is needed!

All of our virtual classes and sessions have been designed to use common household items for props to add variety and creativity in each class. [Props used include high back chair, towels of various sizes, cans of food, pillows]



BARRE incorporates our 7 basic principles and the key elements of Pilates + Ballet to deliver a total body workout. Each class consists of small, purposeful movements followed by large, controlled movements to challenge your body front to back, head to toe.  Focus on deepening your body awareness, improving your balance and coordination while burning calories and having fun. 


Improve your standing, kneeling, and seated balance as you flow from one exercise to another using your own body weight to improve your strength.

(this class offers similar movements as seen in our Equipment classes)


Each class blends exercises from our Mat Pilates and BARRE classes and involves different props for variety. Each class improves bone density, cardiovascular health, flexibility, core strength, balance, and coordination. 


Incorporates exercises from Barre, Mat Pilates, and full body strength as you move from one exercise to another in a circuit/interval fashion.

(Expect to sweat, HR will be elevated)


Our Mat Pilates class varies between the Classical Pilates repertoire and progressive sequences to build your Pilates foundation and knowledge. This class improves pelvis stability, flexibility, and coordination while building strength through body weight resisted movement. This class focuses on all the muscles of the core to alleviate lower back pain and improve posture. 


This class takes exercises performed in our Mat Classes and Equipment classes and incorporates home props to improve your strength head to toe.

Heart rate will be slightly elevated as this class moves at a deliberate pace similar to our Pilates Equipment classes.

Expect your instructor to reference Reformer and Cadillac exercises.

XPRESS CLASSES [seen on the schedule as XP]

We've taken our favorite classes and condensed them to 45 minutes! Each class will move at a quick pace without rest breaks to keep your body moving every minute of class. See class descriptions above.

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