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How has Pilates, Studio7 classes, and our instructors changed our clients lives?

Here's what clients are saying: 

Pilates for bone density: 

"In the summer of 2018, I realized I needed to increase my workout efforts if I wanted to see progress in achieving a healthier lifestyle. After a couple of negative starts at other local studios, I started going Studio7 in August of 2018. Jocelyn was so welcoming and positive in my introduction to Pilates Equipment that she made it easy for me to jump right in to two Equipment classes a week. 


As the weeks and months of attending Pilates Equipment classes passed, I was pleased to realize I had more strength, flexibility, and balance. And you can bet it made my day when another student asked me how much weight I'd lost! But an even stronger affirmation for me happened in May 2019 when I went for my annual visit to the arthritis doctor. 


For almost ten years I've been treating with a rheumatologist for osteoarthritis. As part of the annual assessment, I have a bone density scan. In May of 2018, I was pretty proud when, as a 60-year old, I was told I had the bones of a 30-year old woman. When the scan was done in May of 2019, after almost ten months of attending Pilates Equipment classes, I was astonished to be told my bone density had increased and can be compared to a 21-year old! When the doctor asked me what I had been doing differently than the previous year, I knew my only change was going to Pilates Equipment classes. 


It was really nice sharing my good news with my instructor, Shelby. She was very sweet to congratulate me for doing something for myself and my overall health. Reflecting on her comment, I have to say my success is not all my own. Shelby, Jocelyn, and all the other instructors have such a positive and fun approach in their teaching styles. They make me want to try my hardest in each class, and I look forward to coming to class every time. Having increased bone density is a wonderful bonus. But the experience of a good workout with a positive and fun instructor, plus the welcoming community of the other students, makes me know I am happily achieving my goal of a healthier lifestyle." -TA

Variety of classes: 

"Studio7 offers a wide variety of classes while maintaining small class sizes. The instructors are all very personable, knowledgable, friendly, and motivating. Because the class sizes are capped at a very manageable number, the instructors can really modify classes and exercises to fit the needs of each individual.

I switched to this studio after recovering from a shoulder injury, and found that these classes provide great workouts without fear of re-injuring myself. I particularly like that I can do Barre, Reformer, Mat Pilates, and cardio classes (like TRX) all at the same place, which allows me to really mix up my workouts throughout the week. The studio and equipment is very clean, bright, and well maintained.  

Jocelyn and her team at Studio7 provide a wonderful experience - it is friendly, motivating, and extremely personable, all while providing a variety of fitness classes for all levels." - KH

Pilates for Rehabilitation


"The instructors at Studio7 were instrumental in completing my successful recovery from a very difficult knee replacement surgery. Their personal involvement in classes and in my private sessions got me back to normal faster than I could have hoped. Their knowledge and depth of caring about my recovery was truly amazing. I will be forever grateful, it is part of my routine that I truly look forward to!" - NG 

Pilates for overall health:

"I was relatively new to Pilates when I decided to try it at Studio7 in January of last year. Since that time, I have been attending 2-3 Pilates Equipment classes each week. All of the instructors are wonderful and you get something out of working with them that is a little different, and the small class size makes the Equipment classes almost feel like a private session. 

I strongly recommend this wonderful studio and its fantastic team of instructors, you won’t regret it!" - CA


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