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Balance Is Key As We Age

November 16, 2015


We've all done it: tripped over our own two feet, a pet, that curb that jumped out at us, or an uneven floor. As we age our risk for falling increases and can lead to serious injury. Here are some terrifying statistics:

-1/3 of people 65 and older fall each year

-1 in 5 falls cause serious injury

-85% of falls occur at home

-1 fall TRIPLES your chance of falling again


I love anything that incorporates balance. LOVE. I love teaching exercises that require single leg (unilateral) movement to help improve your balance and your postural control. Having quick reflexes reacting to a potential fall is extremely important in anyone--not just those over a certain age.


Balance exercises should be practiced on a regular basis to not only lessen your risk for falling but improve your muscle control and core balance. One study even found that Pilates, when performed twice a week, can significantly lessen back pain and improve balance in just as little as six weeks. Here's another article supporting the fact that balance training is for everyone: Balance Training 101.


I was talking to my girlfriend earlier today and she told me how she had fallen down a flight of concrete stairs taking her dog out for a walk. I asked if her dog had tripped her; her response: "I'm not quite sure what happened but one minute I was afraid I was going to fall and the next minute I was falling down the stairs." My friend is only 30! There you have it--we are ALL prone to falls, but lucky for you balance can always be improved. 


We have several classes that incorporate balance training: S+B, Ultimate Pilates, Barre7, BBC, Equipment



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