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Pilates Sports Center

Studio 7 Pilates + Barre

7500 State Line Rd, PV, KS 66208

Tel: 913.259.7005

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Your FAQs

Why do we have to wear gripper socks when other studios don't?
We require gripper socks for all BARRE and BARRE CIRCUIT classes for hygiene and safety. Many of the exercises performed require you to slide your foot along the floor - wearing gripper socks allows these movements to be smooth without harming your skin. We understand that "life happens" - if you arrive at the studio and find you've forgotten your socks, we'll gladly early cancel your reservation if you'd prefer not to purchase another pair for class.

I have the Monthly Unlimited package - what classes are included in that? 
We have two class categories: Group Classes and Pilates Equipment classes. 
ALL Group classes (BARRE, BARRE CIRCUIT, BALANCE, CORE, JUMPBOARD, PILATES CIRCUIT, POWER, STRETCH, TRX CIRCUIT) are included in our EFT, Monthly Unlimited, and 1/5/10/20 class packages. 

If I buy the New Client Equipment Special do I have to schedule a private if I have Reformer experience?
Nope! If you have previous Pilates Reformer experience we can apply your private to a class, allowing you to have 5 classes for $95. If you don't have previous reformer experience we prefer you schedule your private PRIOR to your first class to set you up for success. Call or email us to schedule.


If I'm on the Wait List for an Equipment class, how do I know if I got in? What if it's last minute and I can't make it?

Our cancellation policy for Equipment classes is 12 hours - if you are added to a class, you will get an email saying you've been added. If you get text alerts (opt in through your MindBody account), you will also get a text. In the case of being unable to attend due to a cancellation within 12 hours of the class, simply reply to the email confirmation that you're no longer able to attend and we will waive the cancellation charge. If it's outside the 12 hours, we ask you go in and remove yourself from the class to allow the next person on the list to be notified - not doing so will result in cancellation charge [class credit], We recommend opting in for Text Alerts - it will give you the option to confirm or cancel,

I'm newly pregnant; which classes are good for me? Can I do all of them?   
We have had many pregnant women in the studio right up until they are almost due and can provide modifications for several of our classes. Here's our  recommendation for classes as they pertain to each trimester. Please note, this is a GENERAL guide and may or may not apply to you based on your pregnancy. First Trimester - all Group and Equipment classes are appropriate at this level. Second and Third Trimester - If your doctor has advised you to avoid being on your back for prolonged periods of time, or once it is difficult to be on your stomach or get up and down from the floor, we advise you to focus on BALANCE, BARRE, BARRE CIRCUIT, POWER, TRX CIRCUIT, Pilates Private Sessions, and Equipment classes. 

If I'm not dripping with sweat does it mean I didn't get a good workout?  
Not necessarily. This is a common misconception in the fitness world. Sweating a great deal does not always equal great results, especially if you have poor form. You have to build a foundation first before you build the house - think of exercise in the same way. Pilates, Barre, and TRX all provide a deeper level of training to the muscles that relies on proper form and execution. Focus first on HOW you perform each exercise; we guarantee you that you'll feel and see the difference! While our Mat-based Pilates CORE classes can be our least "sweaty" classes, we challenge you to push yourself more in each class to maximize your workout.  Proper form + hard work = results. 

I had a back injury X amount of months/years ago, can I do Pilates?
YES, absolutely! Pilates is a great way to strengthen your core after healing from a back injury. If you have a history of back pain or previously had an injury, be sure to tell your instructor and we can provide modifications. We invite you to join us for one of our CORE classes or grab your instructor and ask questions if something doesn't feel right. We are ALWAYS here to help you!

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