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Bon Voyage, Becky

Many of our clients know that Becky's husband was working overseas earlier this year for 3 months; I have many mixed emotions as I announce that they are officially moving overseas in October. While this is an amazing opportunity for her husband and will be a wonderful adventure for their family, I'd be lying if I said that her presence at the studio [and in my life] won't be missed.

Becky and I have been friends and worked closely with each other for over 7 years; I don't think she knows how much I will miss her! Her becoming a part of Studio 7 was a no-brainer for both of us - despite the fact that we are friends she is extremely knowledgeable in anatomy and Pilates, is a wonderful instructor, and her personality fit into our group perfectly. While she has only been a part of the studio for a year many of our clients have come to love her and her classes.

I honestly love her family - her husband is a wonderful man while her daughters are vibrant, sweet, a little precocious, and just all around adorable. Becky's family will be overseas for an extended amount of time but there will always be a place for her at Studio 7 when they return - please give Becky a big hug and well wishes as you see her around the studio over the next two weeks. Her last official day of teaching at Studio 7 will be Saturday October 1st.

After Becky's move I will be taking over her Monday 6a Mat Pilates class and Tuesday 645p Equipment class; Katie will be taking over Becky's Saturday 915a Equipment class. While Katie and I are looking forward to teaching these classes and clients, ALL of us will miss Becky dearly!

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