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  • Jocelyn Cohenour

Challenge: Love Yourself

We all have flaws and little voices in our head nagging at us or cutting us down. In this day and age we tend to hold ourselves to unattainable images of "perfection". Maybe your perfection is losing 10 pounds, looking "the part", saying or doing the "right" things, the list could go on and on. But we need to stop doing the things on that list and start practicing this list NOW: Start Loving Yourself.

I am guilty of striving for "my" version of perfection, but it doesn't exist. After watching five minutes of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show last night I turned it off because I don't need that kind of comparison in my life. I will never be a VS model, and hey, that's ok because I never wanted to be one.

What do I strive for, physically speaking? Stronger abs that keep my back pain at bay, stronger hips that keep my SI joint in place, stronger legs that I use for power instead of my back and keep my knee pain away, stronger shoulders to avoid a rotator cuff injury, a more flexible spine to help alleviate the stress I carry in my upper back, and better posture so I'm not hunching over when I'm 80. This is attainable. This is what I'm working towards, this is my perfection.

Taking time out for myself? My perfection. Spending money on a mani/pedi because it makes me feel good but not spending money on frivoulous items I don't need? My perfection. Rewarding myself with a healthy meal instead of a greasy one? My perfection. Realizing that some times I talk too much, say the wrong thing, and am sometimes too loud? That's me and I make no apologies for it, because that's my perfection. Being ME.

When you feel those negative little words creeping up into your mind shut them down and replace them with words of compassion, forgiveness, and words that make you feel proud of yourself. Maybe you've been working really hard, are now really tired and you need to sleep in. Maybe you need to sit and Maybe you need to let the house stay dirty for a few more days so you can have some quality time with your family or friends. Good for you. You're listening to your mind, body, and soul.

Wouldn't it be nice if were nice to everyone around us, didn't compare ourselves, enjoyed the stillness in our life, and took time for ourselves? That, to me, would be perfection.

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