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Post Royals Juice Cleanse

In case you didn't know the KC Royals are World Series Champions. The last 5 or 6 weeks the city has been watching game after game, gathering with friends and colleagues to cheer on our boys in blue. I have never sat in front of a tv so much in my life. I hit up more baseball watch parties and sports bars than I can even count, and now that they have won I find my pants fitting a little too snug.

My body is sluggish, my brain is jumbled, and my meal-prepping days are few and far between. I'm out of my rhythm and my body is proof. I completed the Whole30 this past February and after doing a TON of research on anti-inflammatory foods to help with my gut issues and autoimmune disease (I have Vitiligo; lucky for me I have fair skin so many don't even notice) I found myself trying to adopt a more holistic, sugar free way of eating. I haven't always been great at it but it's at least been an attempt.

Then playoff season hit and suddenly I was eating crap I haven't eaten in years just because it was available and I was 'in the moment'.

When I met Steve and Chad of Simple Science Juices I knew this was a partnership that would help support not only my desire to get back to normal but many of my clients desire. I consulted a client who is a DO and she highly recommends SSJ and cleansing; after all, as we learn about foods and the effect they have on our bodies we are truly living the "you are what you eat" adage. We are entering into holiday season and I know that completing another Whole30 is impossible with my schedule, so I am going to do a 3-day juice cleanse that SSJ offers up in at attempt to reset my system. (We will do a studio hosted Whole30 group in January, as requested by many, but more on that later).

If you feel sluggish, bloated, not sleeping well, have a jumbled mind, and are feeling more aches and pains as a result of a poor diet then I invite you to join me next Monday, November 9th, and complete a 3-day juice cleanse with the juices from Simple Science Juices. Will it be easy? NO. Do I love the idea of no food for 3 days? Of course NO. But do I feel like I need to get back to my normal and find my rhythm and flow again? YES.

To sign-up or inquire more, contact me at or Steve:, 913-808-5509, or simply use the code STUDIO7 in the promo box to purchase your cleanse.

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