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My Mom Does Pilates Too!

People have a preconceived notion that Pilates is for those who are already strong, lithe, and graceful. WRONG. Pilates is for EVERY BODY. That's every BODY. And everybody. There is not one person who would not gain something from Pilates and would not enjoy its amazing benefits. When the studio moved to our new location I looked at my mom and said "Now that we are closer to you, when will you start coming?".

My mom is a self-professed Zumba fanatic. She loves to shimmy and shake (I've seen it, and there is something seriously wrong with seeing your mom shake her groove thing. Just don't do it. It's awkward and weird on every level, especially when she can do it well.) Back to my mom. She's at the point in her life where she needs more weight bearing and joint friendly exercises to help her continue to age gracefully.

She agreed to give up Friday Zumba classes to start taking Ultimate Pilates with Kris, and I'm thrilled. My mom was a teacher (I guess it's in my blood) and sometimes it's best to not teach your family. As a kid I was never in her class, so why would now be any different? She calls me and says "Kris said this today..." and my response is always "Yes mom, I know, I've told you that too...". At any rate, she is now listening and credits her weekly classes to decreasing her shoulder and knee pain which allows her to continue to shake her groove thing the other days of the week.

It feels WONDERFUL to know that we have classes on the schedule and an amazing team of instructors that can educate and help even my mom feel better. That, right there, puts me in my happy place, and I hope someone who was once intimidated by the idea of Pilates finds this to be helpful.

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