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  • Jocelyn Cohenour

Instructor Highlight: Kris

I swear everyone in this ENTIRE city knows Kris Tucker or she knows you! It is hysterical. Between her kids, husband, neighborhood, and her experiences teaching all over the city you have probably met her.

Kris brings to our group a sense of knowledge and experience that is calming. She is just COOL. I often wonder if her kids know how cool their mom is and appreciate her; I'm pretty sure they do, how could you not? Kris is constantly educating in her classes and it's great to take from her and hear a cue that I find useful and can steal.

She is all about connecting people and comes up with the greatest exercises and ideas for the studio that I find to be priceless. My mom absolutely loves taking from Kris as she can relate to Kris on a level that I think many people find comforting. Have you experienced her classes? If you haven't taken from Kris meet her for Big Ball Wednesdays at 4:30p and Fridays for Ultimate Pilates at 12p.

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