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How Pilates for Rehab can help you...

​Generally speaking most people have an injury. It may not be diagnosed, it may not be something that takes you to the Doctor or a Physical Therapist, but you still hurt. Shoulder, lower back, hip, and knee pain are something that most people suffer from and find that their normal routine gets disrupted if they are experiencing a flare up.

Private training for Rehab is beneficial because we will cater a program around your needs and we have experience with physical therapy--I'm a Physical Therapist Assistant after all! Here are a few examples of how we can help; we see a variety of injuries and are not afraid to contact your physician or physical therapist to formulate a plan that will benefit you.

Knee injury? We will focus on stretching your IT Band, strengthing your inner thighs and glutes, strengthening your core, and improving your hip-knee-ankle stability and alignment.

Shoulder injury? We focus on increasing your range of motion safely, improving your scapular stability, strengthing your upper back and neck, decreasing the tightness of your chest, and improving your overall core strength and posture.

Back pain? It's all about the core and lower body. Speaking from an anatomical standpoint your hip flexors attach to your lumbar spine; if you sit all day chances are your hip flexors are shortened, your hip extensors (glutes and hamstrings) are weak, overstretched and tight, and just not working as a team. Your deep core muscles are weak (do you know what your transverse is?) and most likely have poor posture--either you have a deep sway in your back or you are hunched over. Hip stability is key--as pictured above I'm working on my hip stability and trying to cure my own gluteal amnesia.

We do not to promise you're going to lose 10 or 20 pounds; we promise that eventually you will feel better being YOU, and if your clothes start to fit a little looser then great--that's just a bonus. Our private training ranges from $55-65/hour depending on your package.​ Now if you can pay $25-35 for a co-pay why wouldn't you invest a little more to actually start feeling better? You deserve to live life pain-free and be knowledgeable about your injury to avoid it in the future.

Who wants to stand up taller, move with greater ease, feel better when you wake up, release tension, get off pain killers, and function better in your life? Email us to schedule:; mention this specific blog post and I will have an introductory special for your first 4 sessions.

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