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  • Jocelyn Cohenour

Instructor Highlight: Becky

Becky and I have been friends for years and when I found out her family was moving back from DC (her husband had been relocated there for assignment) I sent her a text telling her she was joining Studio7. Not asking, telling!

I am so happy to have Becky join us--she has so much experience working with clients of all ages and backgrounds and really loves to use Pilates for Rehab. She has taught at multiple locations in multiple states and has a self-professed new-found love for Mat Pilates classes.

She is also what I call my 'all natural' friend; she has a homeopathic remedy for anything and was the first person I knew to adopt a gluten-free lifestyle. She could probably tell me where everything in Whole Foods is located and definitely can give me some healthy-swap ideas for recipes. I'm not sure if she makes her own deodorant and soap but I wouldn't put it past her (she will kill me for writing that!).

Join Becky for her Mat Pilates classes Mondays at 6a or Tuesdays at 930a (beginning in November); Equipment Tuesdays at 645p and Saturdays at 815a and 915a.

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