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Instructor Highlight: Katie

Katie is our newest instructor and brings to our studio a new vibe; she is cool, calm, collected, a new mom, and so passionate about Pilates it is infectious. She and I bonded over our love of small studios and Hogwarts. I made a Harry Potter reference in our first meeting, she lit up, and boom. Then we bonded over our love of music for our Equipment classes and again, it was meant to happen!

She has a dance background and truly understands the way the body moves. She has a precious 4 month old and literally practiced Pilates up until giving birth and is a great reference for our mom-to-be clients. She brings us fresh exercises, a new way of looking at Pilates, and her classes are HARD.

While Katie knows how to slowly introduce a newbie to Pilates she definitely is not afraid to take it up a notch and really kick some serious butt on the Reformer--don't say I didn't warn you!

Katie is teaching Thursday evenings at 5:30p and available for Private Instruction.

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