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Jumpboard. 'nuff said.

As an instructor we find that we do a GREAT job of inspiring our clients to get into classes, listen to their bodies, do what feels good, and so on. As an instructor we find that far too often our own bodies get neglected, our own workouts get put on the backburner, and pretty soon we are left in the same place that we helped pull our clients out of...that is the case for me. I'm not perfect (gasp, I know) and I am guilty of putting "me" in the closet under a pile of clothes that needs to donated.

So today when I walked (actually ran, because if I was teaching I would have been there at least 15 minutes before but of course when I'm taking a class I get there with two minutes to spare) I see shelby standing there with a jumpboard in her hand and an evil, evil grin. I honestly thought about pretending I had a phone call I had to take. agh. I haven't taken a pilates equipment class in months and THIS is my re-entry? You've got to be kidding me. Two minutes in and my thighs are burning, my abs are on fire, and I'm thinking "don't cuss, stay strong, no groans or moans, you are the owner after all, GET IT TOGETHER".

Needless to say I survived sans cussing and only minimal groaning but it made me realize one thing: I need to take care of ME, I am out of shape more than I care to admit, but I truly love the healing power of Pilates. After one class I feel a little tighter, longer, leaner, stronger, and more connected to my body, and I can't wait to do it all over again.

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