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  • Jocelyn Cohenour

Sharing is Caring

Recently someone told me that they learn so much from me in their classes at Studio7 that I should start sharing my knowledge with everyone, so here it is, my blog.

Many people don't realize but I have two degrees--Bachelor of Science in Dance Management (dance and business) and Associates in Applied Science Physical Therapist Assistant. I have worked in PT settings from Rehab Hospitals to Outpatient clinics, was a professional dancer for a decade, and have been teaching Pilates for over 5 years. I have literally taught (in any one capacity) just about every injury you can think of, and I'm sure there's more to come. I love learning, I love educating, I love making people feel better about themselves.

We are all on a journey--maybe it's to lose 20 pounds, maybe it's to just tone up, maybe it's to get rid of your back pain and achy joints. Whatever your reason, it's your reason, and our goal at the studio is to simply help you reach it however we know how. This blog will be from me, straight from my mouth--I will have tips, tricks, here's how i'm feeling days, instructor spotlights, class videos--and if even one person gets a chuckle, starts practicing what they are learning, or finds themselves a part of our Studio7 community then my goal has been reached.

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