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By adding Physical Therapy to Studio7, it's our goal to use Pilates along with traditional physical therapy modalities to serve our clients across the full spectrum, from rehab to wellness, fitness and prevention. With all of our physical therapy patients, our objective is to assist in "graduating" patients from therapy into Pilates exercise for growth, maintenance, and continued injury prevention.

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Pilates isn't just for fitness - it's beneficial for physical therapy and injury recovery.

Why Physical Therapy?

If you are dealing with regular pain and looking to not only reduce your pain but improve your daily life, a combined approach of physical therapy and Pilates may be the right path for you. Physical therapy can help ease pain, improve mobility and promote healing while Pilates can help to increase strength and stability; both offer unique benefits helping you on your journey to rehabilitation. Chronic or acute injuries left untreated may lead to more serious problems - taking care of small issues when they arise may help you avoid taking drastic measures later on, like surgery.


Pairing physical therapy with Pilates = endless possibilities to creating individualized exercise plans to achieve your goals.

Pilates is an exercise practice founded by Joseph Pilates during World War I that improves flexibility and strength while promoting control of movement. Sounds a lot like Physical Therapy, doesn’t it? Pilates incorporates breath and body awareness in a way that helps people harness and control healthy movement. It can be performed without equipment, using just a mat, or with one of the many pieces of equipment often seen in Pilates studios, including the Pilates Reformer and Cadillac. Physical Therapists and Pilates instructors have a lot in common - both want to help people feel stronger, increase their flexibility, and learn to control of their movement. They both aim to improve alignment and posture, and both want to help people achieve their physical wellness goals. While our education and training may be very different, it is this mutual goal and shared passion to better the health and wellness of our patients/clients that makes working together such a logical pairing. We have a chance to bridge this gap between our specialties by incorporating the very beneficial exercises and cues used during Pilates into our rehabilitation process with patients. Having a collaborative, multidisciplinary environment with health care professionals and fitness professionals under one roof allows the entire team to focus on the needs of their shared clients at various stages of their rehabilitation. 

Transitioning into (or back to) Pilates group classes or Private Pilates sessions:

During your treatments, your PT may combine  traditional physical therapy modalities, like manual therapy, with Pilates. If you're interested in transitioning into group classes or Private Pilates sessions, Megan McCoy, DPT will work closely with the Studio7 team to recommend the best class options and find an instructor who is familiar with your history. We’ll help you find where you belong and walk with you on your journey to health.

Current and past clients include:

Football players | Basketball players | Tennis players | Golfers | Dancers

Conditions we have treated include:

Knee pain and knee replacement | Hip replacement | Achilles tears | chronic pain such as fibromyalgia | Back pain and back injuries (disc injuries, spinal stenosis, osteopenia, osteoarthritis) | Autoimmune disorders | POTS | Breast Cancer Survivors | Prenatal and Postpartum | Tendonitis | ACL/Meniscus issues | Rotator Cuff tears

Please note, this is not an exhaustive list.

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