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Joseph Pilates


Pilates at Studio7 combines classical with contemporary styles of Pilates to deliver classes that are well-rounded, fun, and challenging. The beauty of Pilates is that it is limitless when it comes to training several different muscle groups at once and can be catered to each client regardless of age, skill level, and fitness level. Each Pilates class focuses on breathing, alignment, improving flexibility of the joints and muscles, and strengthening the body through spinal flexibility and stability. Through this Pilates has been proven to improve sports performance and aid in the prevention of injury.



[reformer + tower + chair]

Our Equipment classes are limited to 5 clients and allow our instructors the chance to challenge every muscle in your body through the use of Balanced Body Studio Reformers, Towers, and Wunda Chairs. Our equipment classes move at a deliberate pace; if you are new to the equipment we recommend at least one private session first to maximize your progress in a class setting. Pre-Registration is required.  


[reformer only]

As with our Pilates Equipment classes, you can expect to be challenged with every movement; however, these classes will ONLY use the Pilates Reformer. Our Reformer classes move at an intermediate pace - previous knowledge of the Reformer is required. Take advantage of our New Client Equipment Special to see if one or more private sessions is best for you. Registration is required.

We do not level our classes - while some tend to be more advanced than others, we feel it suits our clients schedules best for us to offer variations to make an exercise harder. If you are concerned a class time may move too fast for you, please speak to one of our instructors and we will happily direct you to a time that may be the best fit. Ultimately, all of our classes are MIXED LEVELS.

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