Level 1 Pilates Instructor
Karina is a Minnesota native and made her way to Kansas City after four years at the University of Kansas - Rock Chalk! After graduating, Karina moved to Kansas City and worked closely with an Animal Behaviorist training dogs. A severe car accident sidelined her and she spent 3 months recovering from a concussion and several bodily injuries. Pilates was recommended to her by her Physical Therapist as a way to regain her strength. 
As a child, Karina was a competitive Figure Skater and found that aside from the injuries due to her car accident, skating had brought it's own set of weaknesses. While Pilates helped her heal and alleviate many aches and pains due to her past, it also engaged her mind and challenged her in a way that Figure skating had, and a new career was born. 
Karina is excited to start this new journey in Pilates to ensure everyone can enjoy life pain free. Outside the studio, you can find her enjoying the sunshine on the lake with friends, family, and pets - or on the couch snuggled up with her dog.