At Studio7, we have always taken pride in how clean our space is, and now is no different. Here are the extra precautions we are taking to keep you healthy, keep ourselves healthy, and ease your concerns over entering the studio.

​​1. All clients must wear a mask for their session. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding. We will revisit this decision as the city slows down the number of positive COVID-19 cases.

2. Classes and Private sessions have been scheduled to limit the amount of people entering, leaving, and inhabiting the studio at one time. While not always possible, we are trying to maintain a 15 minute window between start and stop times.​

3. We are using Force Of Nature cleaner for all pieces of Pilates Equipment. This non-toxic cleaner is listed on the EPA's website as an approved cleaner to kill germs related to COVID-19. All common areas are being cleaned with a multipurpose EPA graded cleaner as well.

4. All Pilates cotton loops have been covered with vinyl to ensure thorough cleaning. If you would like to purchase your own, please contact us for recommended dealers.

5. We require gripper socks and recommend a Reformer towel (or thin towel) to place on the carriage, although it is not required.

6. Wash or sanitize your hands immediately upon entering the studio and before you leave. We will be providing hand sanitizer around the studio for your use.

7. Please avoid coming to the studio if you are at high risk for severe illness or have underlying medical conditions that make you more susceptible to contracting COVID-19. Additionally, if you or someone you live with has been exposed to COVID-19, please quarantine yourself and contact your doctor and/or the health department.

We take COVID-19 very seriously and have been doing everything in our power to keep you safe and follow the new regulations that have been placed on us. Although we are taking these extreme measures we can not guarantee zero exposure if you decide to return to the studio. If you have any questions about the new safety protocols, please send us an email.