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"I switched to this studio after recovering from a shoulder injury, and found that these classes provide great workouts without fear of re-injuring myself. I particularly like that I can do Barre, Reformer, Mat Pilates, and cardio classes (like CIRCUIT and POWER) all at the same place, which allows me to really mix up my workouts throughout the week."


BARRE incorporates our 7 basic principles and the key elements of Pilates + Ballet to deliver a total body workout. Each class consists of small, purposeful movements followed by large, controlled movements to challenge your body front to back, head to toe.  Focus on deepening your body awareness, improving your balance and coordination while burning calories and having fun. Each class is proven to lengthen, strengthen, and tone. Gripper socks are required and can be purchased in-studio / Pre-registration is required / Class size is limited to 14.


BALANCE is centered around use of large stability balls. Combining Pilates, dance, coordination, and balance, BALANCE enables you to get in touch with your body to challenge every muscle as you incorporate these elements into every exercises. There will be abs, planks, push-ups, lunges, squats, bridges, and upper body work. You'll never feel the same about a stability ball after this class! Bring a towel and water / Pre-registration required / Class size is limited to 10.


CIRCUIT combines the best of all of our classes to deliver one killer class. Each CIRCUIT class blends exercises from our CORE (Mat Pilates) and BARRE classes and involves different pieces of equipment each time. Expect to use any and all of the following: Rebounders, Bosu, TRX Straps, Therabands, Balls, Gliders, and heavy weights mixed with cardio intervals. Each class improves bone density, cardiovascular health, flexibility, core strength, balance, and coordination. We promise - no two classes will EVER be the same. Gripper socks required /  Bring a water bottle and sweat towel / Class size is limited to 10. 


CORE is a Mat Pilates based class that varies between the Classical Pilates repertoire and progressive sequences to build your Pilates foundation and knowledge. This class improves pelvis stability, flexibility, and coordination while building strength through body weight resisted movement. This class focuses on all the muscles of the core to alleviate lower back pain and improve posture. Class size is limited to 10 / Pre-registration is required. 


PILATES CIRCUIT kicks your Pilates practice into full-gear by combining the strength and flexibility of Pilates equipment and mat classes. Class begins with a series of mat exercises followed by two-minute intervals of exercises on all pieces of the Pilates equipment. Class size is limited to 8 / Pre-registration is required.


This class combines "power" CORE and BARRE exercises performed at a quick pace utilizing various props with several bursts of cardiovascular exercises incorporating the rebounder. SNEAKERS ARE RECOMMENDED. Class size is limited to 7 / Pre-registration is required


JUMPBOARD is cardio on the Pilates Reformer! This class utilizes the jumpboard attachement to the reformer to provide a light impact class while increasing your heart rate. Knowledge of the Reformer and Pilates principles is REQUIRED. *Not recommended for clients who are pregnant due to extended time on your back*. Class size is limited to 5 / Pre-registration is required / Barefoot or Gripper Socks

XPRESS CLASSES [seen on the schedule as XP]

We've taken our favorite classes and condensed them to 45 minutes! Each class will move at a quick pace without rest breaks to keep your body moving every minute of class. Classes offered: BARRE, BARRE CIRCUIT, BALANCE, CORE, POWER, AND STRETCH. See class descriptions above.

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