During this 3-day training course you will learn how to teach one of our signature classes, Barre7. 

Instruction will include musicology, choreography, effective tactile and verbal cueing, ballet terminology, fundamental Pilates repertoire, as well as modifications + variations for mixed level classes. Each participant will receive a manual, personal instruction, and a complimentary group class package to complete certification hours. This training will prepare the participant to safely and effectively teach a mixed level Barre7 class - ONLY at Studio7. (Completion of Barre7 training does not guarantee permanent employment at Studio7.)  


Training will be: 

Friday April 20th 530p - 830p

Saturday April 21st 1130a - 530p

Sunday April 22nd 930 - 230

*bring your lunch, 30 minute lunch given

Cost is $400 and includes manual and a complimentary group class package required to complete certification hours

*This training will prepare you to teach Barre7 classes at Studio7 - duplicating or teaching this class outside of Studio7 will require written permission and approval from Studio7 Owner